Liszt on vinyl

Valentina Lisitsa has not only released a CD of a handful of Liszt’s piano solos, but she has also released an LP! Why, I’m not too sure, but I think it’s a great idea. As convenient and cheap as CDs are, they are exactly that. Personally, I notice a huge difference in sound quality, even from this video (although that may well be wishful thinking on my part). It has a much warmer sound, I think, despite the scratchy white noise that records tend to have…or so I’ve been lead to believe. Personally, I know absolutely nothing about records, so I’m not going to preach about the lost art of the golden years, but I would like to learn more about projects like these. I would love to be able to hear it for myself!
I would imagine that they are considerably more expensive than CDs and digital downloads, going on nothing but the sheer size of the thing. This one does look lovely, to be fair; I can understand how people have collections. If anyone has any experience of these records, or of this one in particular, I would love to hear your opinions!


Valentina Lisitsa plays ‘Des Mädchens Klage’ – Schubert-Liszt

For anyone who thinks harpists’ vision/imagination stops at the end of their strings, here is a video of my absolute favourite pianist, Valentina Lisitsa, playing Liszt’s transcription of Schubert’s song, ‘Des Mädchens Klage’. The original song is set to the poem by German poet Friedrich Schiller. It’s a beautifully dark piece, with equally beautiful poetry. This one has been following me around for the past while, so I think I should share it. Check out Valentina’s other videos on her YouTube channel!
No copyright infringement intended.

Video of the Week; Marie-Pierre Langlamet plays Debussy

Marie-Pierre Langlamet, the principal harpist of the Berliner Philharmoniker (and coincidentally my favourite harpist) plays Debussy’s « Danses sacrée et profane » with the orchestra ‘Cappella Istropolitana’, conducted by Philippe Bernold. A really beautiful performance of a wonderful piece by an exceptional artist…